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Nothing is impossible
all materials, all shapes

Guteng technology has a system that can be widely used in the processing of all metal materials including difficult cutting materials and the manufacturing of a variety of precision machines.


Founded in 2012, the company is a precision equipment manufacturer, such as camera, copier, etc. it has accumulated rich experience and experience in manufacturing optical equipment parts and OA equipment parts, accumulated rich processing technology, and flexibly responded to market demand. All kinds of products have been launched to the world.


In recent years, in addition to these existing products, with the introduction of new equipment and the use of independent technology, the work in the field of medical treatment which has been constructed since 2016 is accelerating. In addition, solid achievements have been made in the manufacturing of railway, aircraft and other transport aircraft parts, and the field is expanding day by day.




High quality without compromise
Advanced technology & management system

It is the power of "person" in the present precision metal working which is the lathe and machining processing main. Of course, in the finishing stage of the final product, there is no compromise without the compromise of the micro texture

Our staff has skills to manipulate both "machine" and "human hand". Moreover, it is self-sufficient that the information collection and skill improvement of the day are not neglected, and it is always an engineer group to make progress progress.

In addition, we have a high awareness of product quality management.
The world's highest level of "ultra-high precision CNC three-dimensional measuring instrument" and other measuring instruments are introduced to achieve high-level machining accuracy. In order to provide better and exquisite products stably and make customers satisfied, we spare no effort.

World standard「trustworthy」ISO certification 2019
──Majority of international certification

The company to the international organization for standardization (ISO) provisions of the three international standards "ISO9001", "ISO14001", "ISO13485", led by the precision instrument manufacturing related to a variety of certification, qualifications. Especially in the "ISO9001" only through the company to obtain certification. This is the whole company to the quality management and preservation of high awareness and action.

In order to meet a variety of requirements, certification, manufacturing system management and operation, the company's flexible improvement of the environment, the whole enterprise efforts are self-evident. These certifications are the highest level of product quality we seek, as well as intangible proof of trust.

high quality metal parts processing > Strength

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Guteng precision technology is engaged in the manufacturing and precision processing of medical equipment parts, optical equipment parts, OA equipment parts, etc. Please give the precision parts to Guteng technology.

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