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Shenzhen guteng technology co., LTD., established in November 2012, was fully funded by the then large-scale optical equipment manufacturer.

Since then, we have maintained a "let the guest's ideas take shape" attitude.

Run up to the customer and say, "if there's anything like this..." "If we can solve this problem..." Such potential annoyances solve the original production of that.

In order to achieve this goal, the company is not confined to the optical equipment this single field, even if it is different fields, different industries, also actively seek to match, and constantly expand their channels.

On the other hand, with years of training in precision parts processing technology and experience as the backbone, to obtain ISO certification and enhance new equipment, and actively improve their processing quality.

I am convinced that the system is now finally in place for the whole company to come together and produce at a higher level.

Nowadays, business globalization involves manufacturing industry, and the environment and market demand are changing all the time. Stagnation in business means decline.

Daily search for new markets, continue to generate new value, build a strong nara seiko to.

Your patronage is requested.

Basic intelligence

Basic intelligence

Company name Shenzhen GU Teng technology Co., Ltd.
Address Shajing industrial park, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province,China
Registered capital 3,000,000rmb
Business Manufacture of products and parts such as medical devices (dental implants, artificial joints, surgical instruments, etc.), optical equipment, OA equipment, and transportation equipment
Contact email sales@yxhxay.com


high quality metal parts processing > About

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Shenzhen GU Teng technology Co., Ltd.

Guteng precision technology is engaged in the manufacturing and precision processing of medical equipment parts, optical equipment parts, OA equipment parts, etc. Please give the precision parts to Guteng technology.

Medical/optical - high quality metal parts processing & manufacturer